My First Time Lapse.

This morning I attempted to create my first ever time lapse video, supposedly of the sunrise. Comprising of 164 still images and Debusy’s Claire de Lune, this is what came out of it. Hopefully from this I will learn and be able to create better time lapse videos in the future.


Portfolio Review – Trevor Brooke

Yesterday I had the good fortune of having Experienced Photographer, Batley College of Art Alumni and Red Photography Studio owner Trevor Brooke review my portfolio.

It was a very informative and helpful session that gave me a little bit more confidence in my own work. Although he said there are quite a few generic images in there he said that there were a few unique ones that really stood out and that one thing I need to work on is discerning which is which.

Although I have mentioned in my Artists Statement that my work lends itself to Events Photography such as Weddings and Corporate Events, Trevor mentioned that the candid style of my work would be very much suited to Photojournalism and that would be a possible avenue for me to explore.

Not only did he look through my portfolio, he suggested a couple of ways that I could make some of my existing images stand out. One of these ways was to use the gradient tool in Adobe’s Lightroom to help bring out some more details in the skies on my landscape images. This was extremely helpful as I didn’t know such a function existed within the software.

As well as the other things I have already mentioned, the one thing that came as the biggest relief to me was when he re-assured me that in the real world of being a photographer there is no where near as much paperwork as there is on this final year of my BA.


Lowepro Fastpack 250

So after realising that I could feel my cameras hot-shoe through the bottom of my current camera bag I decided it was time for an upgrade. Something equally as versatile and also more protected.

Although my Lowepro Orion Trecker has served me well over the last 12 months, to say that it was an ebay purchase, it has been a fantastic bag and has been everything I have needed.

After doing a fair amount of research and looking through a lot of different bags, I finally found one that met my needs, something that not only held my camera and all the day to day kit that I like to keep in my bag but it also has a dedicated space for my laptop and another for personal items.

I had seen this previously when I had been looking at bags however it had come down in price since then which made it all the more appealing.

So next step was the road-test. Of which I packed it up to the brim and then ventured off to Dewsbury to my interview for the BA Top up year in Photography. Very comfortable on your back, nice and padded and evenly distributed the weight even when fully loaded. I have walked a long way and also had to run wearing this and it is 100% better than any other bag I have used and the thing that tops it all off is the feature that lets you slide your right arm out the strap and let it swing round and there is a side flap that gives you easy access to your camera.

All in all I give this bag a 10/10!

Geocaching in the evening

So last night I was introducing one of my good friends to the GPS Treasure Hunt known as Geocaching. For those of you that don’t know what it is you can find more information at

So when we got to the first cache we were looking for I noticed a tree that was covered in white blossom which made it stand out from the rest of the otherwise dark surrounding.


As we continued along route we were walking the sun started to set and as we got to the next cache I found myself looking towards an interesting sculpture with the sun setting behind it.


As well as posting the photos on here I also added them as a field note on my geocaching account!

This just goes to show that I should take my camera everywhere with me even if im not expecting to photograph anything because it ends up being sods law that the one time I see something really effective is when I only have my mobile phone with me!

Halina Paulette Electric Camera

After going to visit my Grandparents I ended up coming back with yet more old cameras and accessories.

The best camera that I ended up coming back with was a 1967 Halina Paulette Electric camera originally made by Haking in Hong Kong. Its a fantastic camera, running 35mm film I decided to try it and see what it was like to use and also after all this time what the photos came out like.

It is a fantastic blast from the past however I haven’t got the film developed yet, I will post the results once I have. Im going to guess that they will probably come out looking like something from the Vietnam War era as most of them are Airsoft photos taken on 10 year out of date film. Also, with lack of a light meter I guessed the exposures so who knows what theyre gonna look like!

Along with the camera I procured a load of 35mm film, some flash cubes for the Kodak Instamatic, a still sealed roll of 127 film that expired in 1966 and also a flash unit and some bulbs that I have no idea what camera it will work on so I have some stuff to keep me going with for now. However if anyone has any old cameras, film, other accessories they have kicking around and want rid of i’m sure I can make use of them some how just get in contact via a comment on here or an email to

A Stack of 35mm Film

Flash Cubes

Extremely Old 127 Film

Flash and Bulbs

York by Night

So the other night I decided I was going to take a trip out to York city centre at night and see what I could see and see what buildings would make great photographs under the night skies. I parked my bike up at a friends house and then walked into town so I wasn’t carrying all my leathers around town with me.

I had made a list of places that I wanted to photograph while I was in town however as we walked into town I spotted a building that I would never have thought to photograph which was the Merchant Adventurers Hall. I ended up taking the shot at a slight angle as I had to rest my camera on the wall to take the shot with such a low shutter speed.

After photographing this we went on to the court houses however none of the photos from there came out how I wanted. Our next stop was to be Parliament Square however due to all the building work that is going on and the scaffolding around what used to be the public toilet, I couldn’t quite get the shot that I had in mind so I left that one for another day.

Next on the list was Exhibition Square and the Art Gallery. This took me a few different attempts to get this right and I also had to wait for a group of kids to stop walking in front of my shot however this is what came out.

The final stop on my list was the train station. I had previously tried photographing it however I didn’t really get a shot that impressed me so I went back and took it from a different place completely, I climbed the side of the hill and leant against the wall so I had more of an elevated position to shoot from. This was quite a long exposure which is why there are no cars and only faint lights in the shot. also if you look in the bottom left of the shot there is the freshly growing daffodils that are just starting to flower.

I am going to be using these photographs as part of an Exhibition I am working on for one of my degree projects. If anyone wishes to buy a copy of any of them please email me at